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Enhancing & empowering inner beauty
by holding an open space & warm energy

Melbourne Bridal
& Creative Makeup Artistry

AF Makeup Artistry was created by our Founder and Head Makeup Artist, Ashleigh Fenton. We are not your typical makeup studio, come in - sit down - get slammed with product - leave. In fact none of that happens.

We come to you, wherever you're located and getting ready, we bring a clean and well-kept kit that is fully stocked with all the bells and whistles. Not only do we provide you with a beautiful makeup experience (thought through and customised especially for you), we create an open and energetic space to match your mood.

Your full authentic self
is always welcome here

Meet the artists

Find out more about us (and our fave cocktails),
we're excited to meet you.

Let's skip to the good part

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